© MY COMFORT PRO  MY COMFORT PRO offers you reliable, professional, ethical, courteous repair, replacement, and maintenance service for the following: Cooling Systems                                               Heating Services                                                  Air Quality Control                            Air Conditioning                                                 Gas Furnace                                                        Air Cleaner Heat Pumps                                                       Heat Pumps                                                         HEPA Filter Controls                                                             Radiant Heat                                                        Duct System Gas                                                                    Hot Water Heaters                                               Purifiers A/C                                                                     Wall Heaters                                                        Air Balancing Refrigeration  Zoning Systems Installation Repair What is a Zoning System? A zoning system controls and regulates air flow to a certain part of the home while other areas are not affected. For example, in a 6,800 square foot home a zoning system can warm the master bathroom without other areas of the home being heated. Services